Seattle Parks to See the Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle

I got lucky when I arrived in Seattle on Sunday-there was sunshine. Even in early November, the leaves were still peeking, bursting with bright yellow and orange.  One of the key differences between the Pacific Northwest in the south was that despite the colder temperatures, the amount of rain throughout the year kept the grass […]

Victoria to Sidney BC via Lochside Trail

We got lucky with the weather again! It rained overnight, but the drizzle subsided by the time we were rolling. Our ferry was departing from Sidney at 12:05 pm, so we left Victoria around 9 am. This was my first test in bikepacking. I was carrying about 15 pounds of necessities- clothes, toiletries, snacks, non-bike […]

Bicycle Touring in Victoria

Day 1 of our bicycle touring trip had finally arrived! The weather was sunny as we departed from Seattle. We proceeded to Victoria across the Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca via the Victoria Clipper. This is a great option if you want to cruise in style from Seattle to Victoria. Round […]