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6 Apps to Stay Fit and Keep You Healthy

January 2017

Buckhaven/Alpharetta/Perimeter North Lifestyle 

Everyone who knows me knows that I live an active, healthy lifestyle, so it was no surprise that my editor tasked me with seeking out the best apps for health and fitness for our January issue. It was hard to narrow down from all the great apps I received, but here are the top six apps that I felt would be best for people of all fitness levels.

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The three apps that I personally use:


You’ve seen a lot of my ride and run files pop up on the blog via Strava. I love how easy it is to record your route, see your GPS file after and get splits for every mile.


As a contributor to RootsRated, there was no way I couldn’t include this app. If you’re traveling in a major metro city, chances are, RootsRated has sent out a team of local experts to explore the trails for you. From paddling to hiking, cycling to camping, you get insider tips on where to go, how to get there, and even what makes each experience the best.


I have this story to thank for connecting me to the kind people at YogaGlo, and they set me up with a subscription to the app. I rarely have time to go to a yoga class, and this app is perfect to help me get in my practice. I’m usually tight on time, or looking to target specific sore muscles from my workouts, and YogaGlo lets me search based on time length of class (as short as a 5 minute stretch sesh) and type of muscle.


This year, I’ll also be using Garmin Connect more, since I got the Forerunner 235 for Christmas. I’ve found the watch to be more effective than a Fitbit, and the app measures things such as heart rate, sleep cycle, number of steps, plus when I record activities I get accurate GPS files that I can sync directly to Strava.