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A Weekend Guide to the Gold Mine Trail Town of Dahlonega, GA


Let’s say you’re looking for an outdoor destination with long hikes, sweeping mountain views, and great local food. And you only want to travel an hour or so from Atlanta. Consider Dahlonega. Whether you’re coming to Dahlonega to send off your thru-hiker, or you want to spend a few days on the trail in the spirit of the season, here is your guide to Atlanta’s closest official Appalachian Trail community.

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I absolutely LOVE Dahlonega. I’m up there at least once a month, cycling the front three gaps (haven’t made it on the back half yet but can’t want!), wine tasting at one of the six-plus wineries, hiking/trail running/mountain biking on the incredible network of trails.

6 Dahlonega Favorites

Favorite winery: Hard to pick! There’s wine slushies at Cavender Creek Vineyards (great in summer) but delicious bubbly at Wolf Mountain Vineyards.

Favorite mountain bike trail: Jake Mountain- its easier than Bull Mountain, and has some great scenic overlooks at the end of long climbs.

Favorite trail running: I love the Appalachian Trail- going North toward Blood Mountain is challenging but the views are worth it. Be sure to stop at Preacher’s Rock

Favorite hiking spot: Appalachian Trail- from Woody Gap either way, you get some serious elevation!

Favorite place to stay: The Hiker Hostel. Not your average hostel, and Leigh and Josh Saint are amazing!

Favorite race: Six Gap Century. But really I did the 3 Gap this year. Not up to it 100 miles yet!

AT hikers getting ready to depart from The Hiker Hostel.
AT hikers getting ready to depart from The Hiker Hostel.