Victoria to Sidney BC via Lochside Trail

We got lucky with the weather again! It rained overnight, but the drizzle subsided by the time we were rolling. Our ferry was departing from Sidney at 12:05 pm, so we left Victoria around 9 am.

This was my first test in bikepacking. I was carrying about 15 pounds of necessities- clothes, toiletries, snacks, non-bike shoes… basically I brought one pair of jeans and two shirts for nice outfits, and two pairs of bike clothes. More on packing here.

Victoria has a specific bike trail from Victoria to Sidney, and vice versa, called the Lochside Trail. It’s almost entirely flat for the 18 mile stretch, and very well marked so no GPS was needed.

Lochside trail boardwalk

Lochside trail 2


The Lochside Trail turned to gravel in several spots, making our fenders very useful, but still leaving our frame down tubes and packs covered in dirt. We passed by bucolic farmlands, then the trail turned to pavement again as we passed through residential areas, the path now traveling parallel to the coast.

Toward the end of our ride, we were on the outskirts of Sidney when we passed by a farm that had possibly one of the fattest pigs I’ve ever seen! It was just after Lochside Road and Stanhope Organic Farm. We had to stop for a picture.

The largest pig I've ever seen! On the Lochside Trail outside of Sidney BC
The largest pig I’ve ever seen! On the Lochside Trail outside of Sidney BC
Riding past a cabbage farm!
Riding past a cabbage farm!

This wasn’t the only wildlife we saw on the Lochside Trail. Earlier, we scared a buck right off the path, and about a mile from Sidney, I saw a bald eagle soaring above us. I missed the photo op, but was so excited because eagles were on my list of wildlife to see during the trip. He was beautiful!

We arrived in Sidney with about 45 minutes before we were due for the ferry. We pedaled into town and found a coffee shop, where no more than 15 bikes were parked outside. Evidently the local group ride had made a breakfast stop.

Then it was through Customs, and onto the ferry, leaving Canada much too soon.  But we were excited for our next leg of the trip in San Juan Island.


Arrived in Sidney BC
Arrived in Sidney BC
Leaving on the Ferry
Leaving on the Ferry

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