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Dick Lane Velodrome pro race

Find Thrills at the Dick Lane Velodrome


Imagine riding a bike with no gears and no brakes on a 36 degree banked concrete track at speeds upwards of 45 miles per hour. Thrilling? That’s track cycling, and you can do it at the Dick Lane Velodrome.

While this is more of a European sport, the United States has 29 velodromes, and Atlanta is home to one of them: the Dick Lane Velodrome.

Read the full article on the Dick Lane Velodrome to find out about the annual Pro Race Series and see how you can learn to ride.

The Kieren race at the Dick Lane Velodrome

Funny story- it was THIS article that led me to Rob, my now-boyfriend. I thought he was cute, figured I needed to write about Georgia’s only velodrome, and found out he was the manager. After an interview (and a terrifying ride on the track), I thought that was it. But a few weeks later, we met again at a criterium, then we went on a 13 mile hike and got lost in the woods, and the rest is history!