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Fort Yargo yurt


5 Georgia State Parks That Offer Yurt Camping

Looking for a middle ground between tent camping and a cabin? Try a yurt. These funky, circular dwellings have been used by Central Asian nomadic cultures, particularly in Mongolia, for thousands of years. In fact, some Mongolian towns still have yurt quarters, and the trend has caught on here in the States. Yurts are great intermediary dwellings for those looking for a sampling of rugged living with a touch of glamping (glamour camping).

Five Georgia State Parks now have yurts, with a sixth park adding them later this year. UPDATE— Six state parks have yurts. Sweetwater Creek State Park added a 10 yurt village in August 2015.

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inside of the yurt

I had the chance to stay in a yurt at Fort Yargo State Park. I will say, it is not as fun when you are alone. I stayed overnight one March day, and although a yurt is pretty small, I barely filled up the space. You can sleep six people, as the yurts come complete with a bunk bed, pull out futon and sleeper couch, plus a small dining table and coffee table. You have outlets, but no A/C– just a fan and space heater.

I had trouble sleeping because the geese in the park sounded like they were having a wild party- honking and “chattering” all night. After what felt like hours, they finally got quiet. I was relieved and thought I’d fall straight asleep, when a torrential downpour started. The yurts are made of wood and canvas, so rain bounced off the roof as loud as if it were tin. I usually listen to a sound machine to go to sleep, but the rain put me right in the action. According to the park ranger, some “city slickers” can’t handle the natural noise-whether its rain, quiet, geese or animals – that they have left the state parks in the middle of the night!

I didn’t do that, but when I woke up in the morning, I paddled around the lake and did a short hike on the trails. Fort Yargo State Park is known for its mountain biking trails. That is definitely going to be my next trip!

Fort Yargo paddling