Lula Lake Land Trust

Lula Lake Land Trust is a 20 minute drive from downtown Chattanooga. This land trust is privately owned and only accessible to the public on the first and last Saturday of the month. Take advantage of their open gate day to explore the trails and visit the waterfalls. You’ll find a walk on the grounds is quiet, serene and pristine with beauty.

On open gate days, volunteers will provide maps for loop trails ranging from 2 to 4 miles.

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Lula Lake A view from the top of the falls.

Lula Lake Land Trust

Lula Lake

One of the smaller waterfalls at Lula Lake. This is the closest to the parking lot.


The overlook from Lookout Mountain. You’ll find it on the “High Adventure trail.”

Lula Lake falls

A view of Lula Lake Falls from below.

Lula Lake falls

Lush greenery surrounds the waterfalls. This hidden view is off the “Main trail.”


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