Eating Well in Italy


On our recent trip to Italy, I was anticipating the incredibly delicious, flavorful food.

Here are my tips to eating well in Italy. 

The pizza is far superior. It’s all about minimal ingredients.

pizza and wine
Pizza in Florence with mushrooms, peppers, olives, and soppressa
roasted vegetable pizza in Rome
roasted vegetable pizza in Rome

Get pizza from a walk-up window on an off-the-beaten-path street.

One of the best slices I had, in Venice.
One of the best slices I had, in Venice at Antico Forno.

Wine is cheaper than soft drinks, and sometimes water. There’s no wine list- it’s just what the local vineyard produces.

Red wine from Machiavelli's Estate in Tuscany
Red wine from Machiavelli’s Estate in Tuscany

Start with Prosecco.


Italian vineyards are beautiful.

Vineyards in Tuscany
Vineyards in Tuscany
vineyards in Tuscany
The view from Machiavelli’s estate window.

They tend to serve animals, especially seafood whole.

Octopus (pulpo) in Cinque Terre at L’Osteria

Italy still does multi-course tasting menus.

ITaly meal
A four-course meal in Santa Margherita. (Top left to right) Amuse with date and bacon, roasted vegetable salad, risotto with squash blossom, apple cake with buttermilk ice cream.

Pasta is always the first course.

Gnocchi from Tuscany.

Then comes meat. Lots of it.

Pork, rosemary chicken, sausages

Gelato is everywhere. Eat it. Many times a day.

Gelateria Dondoli
The most famous gelato shop in Italy, in the small town of San Gimignana
The best gelatos will be pale colored. Bright colors indicated artificial colors and flavors.

Restaurants are small and full of character.

L’Osteria on Monterosso in Cinque Terre
A restaurant in Capri is built into a cave. (It’s just by the Arco Naturale)

Visit small pasticcerias, where you’ll find an abundance of artisan foods from spices to breads to cheeses and chocolates.

A pasticceria in San Gimingnana

Open air markets sell the freshest local vegetables, fruits and meats daily. Spend one night cooking from the food you find there.

farmers market
An open-air market
A fishmonger in Venice's open air market
A fishmonger in Venice’s open air market

farmers market


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